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In 1987, few municipalities had legally-established programs that featured the notion of inclusion for commodity purchases or construction projects. In that same year, the North Carolina Minority and Women Business Enterprise Coordinators’ Network (NC M/WBE Coordinators’ Network) was established with seven members as a “think tank” to share strategies and ideas on administering minority business programs.

Over the past thirty years, the members of the NC M/WBE Coordinators’ Network have been committed to ensuring that all segments of the community have an equitable opportunity to participate in professional service contracts, procurement contracts, and construction projects in both public and private sectors.

Today, the Network has increased its membership to more than 100 participants from state agencies, universities, community colleges, municipalities, and private organizations throughout North Carolina.

If you are an Everyday Superhero, Join the Network Today!

We invite you to become a part of our community of distinguished professionals united for the common goal of economic inclusion and empowerment.  When you join the Network, you are a part of a strong, engaged group of advocates who support each other as we advocate for the businesses we serve. 

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